HP has released the world’s thinnest laptop. The new laptop is only 10.4 millimeters thick and is 30 percent skinnier than the Apple MacBook and doesn’t compromise too much functionality to maintain it’s svelte physique. The 13-inch laptop has two thin batteries, i5 or i7 CPU, 256 or 512 GB PCI-Express solid-state drive, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, integrated Intel graphics, and a light weight carbon fiber case. It has “hyerbaric” cooling and has Type-C USB ports. The option with the most specs, an i7, is reasonably priced at $2999.

Key Takeaways:

  • HP’s newest laptop the Spectre, is also it’s thinnest.
  • The ridiculously skinny and lightweight laptop hides away not one, but two thin batteries inside it’s base.
  • For a thin and light laptop, the HP Spectre flies through all the regular computing tasks that you might throw at it.

“HP’s newest laptop is also its thinnest. It’s the world’s thinnest, actually. At only 10.4 millimetres thick, it’s almost 30 per cent thinner again than the already seriously skinny Apple MacBook, and it’s thinner even than most of the standalone tablets with detachable keyboard — like HP’s own Spectre X2. But it doesn’t use some super-low-voltage processor and battery-sipping hardware to get there.”


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