Apple iPhone 4S Overview
Instead of the explosive burst of excitement, which normally relieves the tense anticipation surrounding an Apple unveiling, expectant attendees of the latest Apple launch experienced more of a disappointed deflation.

With Apple currently only having a 5% share of the global phone market, crowds were eagerly looking forward to another of Apple’s revolutionary masterstrokes in the form of an iPhone 5. What they got was an iPhone 4S, which looks identical to the iPhone 4.

However, the almost tangible disappointment at this had obviously been foretold because, Tim Cook, Steve Jobs’ replacement immediately reassured that “of course” it looks the same, but “it’s all new inside”.

What’s new?

• The iPhone 4S does have a much faster processor, the Dual Core A5, This was effectively demonstrated at the launch by some impressive video game graphics and gameplay on the Apple iOS5

• Despite the boost in processing power, the battery life has also been extended to provide up to 8 hours of talktime on 3G, 14 hours of talktime on 2G and 6 hours of browsing.

• The phone’s camera has gained 3 megapixels, making 8 in total, and is superfast. The initial photo is taken in 1.1 secs and successive snaps are captured in 0.5 secs. In addition, video recording now boasts 1080p.

• A better antenna means better call reception, and the phone now supports both CDMA and GSM carries, so the iPhone is now truly global.

• Data connections are much faster; allowing downloads at twice the speed.

The Piece de Resistance

It seems that the showpiece intended to finally overwhelm the audience and wow the crowd was Siri – a personal assistant application. Siri utilizes voice control technology, and allows users to ask questions of their phone and receive a verbal response. For example, phone owners can ask it to send a text, verbally or instruct it to set their alarm.


A higher capacity, 64GB model has been added to the iPhone 4S range and will retail at US$399, while 16GB will cost US$199 and 32GB will be US$299, so you can expect a more exorbitant price tag when the handsets hit Australia. All iPhone 4S models will be available in black or white options and will go on sale 14 October, with pre-release orders taken from 7 October.

The novel addition of Siri, along with increased processing punch and a better quality camera, could just tempt consumers enough to splash out on the iPhone 4S, but it remains to be seen just how smart Siri really is, and it will take some time to see just how people can usefully employ it.

The tech community, however, has not been overly impressed with Apple’s makeover of the iPhone 4, and this is clearly reflected in the 5% drop that Apple shares suffered immediately after the unveiling.

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