In the market for a new ADSL Broadband Provider? Switching ISPs has now become a prompt, hassle free and cost efficient exercise with most popular Providers supporting fast ADSL transfers. 

Commonly referred to as a ‘Rapid Transfer’ – Churning, Migrating or Switching Broadband Providers can streamline you to a new service within days.  What makes it more enticing is that switching Broadband Internet Providers can now be processed with minimal downtime and also offer very cheap transfers fees with the possibility of waiving the charge altogether. Furthermore, once you’ve made the decision to change, your new provider takes care of all necessary arrangements making the switch simple and effortless at your end. 

How do I apply for a Rapid Transfer?
When filling out your new ISPs application online (or speaking to a customer service operator), you will be either prompted or asked if you would like a ‘Rapid Transfer’ if migrating from an exisiting ADSL service. If you’re not made aware of this process, make sure you enquire!  I’d also like to make it very clear that…. by participating in a Rapid Transfer, you’re giving your new Provider the authority to cancel your existing connection and request removal of any codes specific to the old ISP.   

So who supports ‘Rapid Transfers’?
Every Provider on the Broadband Guide website supports ‘Rapid Transfer’. So if you decide to sign up through the Broadband Guide site, you’ll be eligible to apply for a rapid transfer. 



People Telecom

What Broadband Service Types is it applicable for?
As Telstra are not currently offering the rapid transfer process for DSLAMs (ADSL2/2+ services), only ADSL services are supported. But keep a vigilant eye out for ADSL2/2+ rapid transfers as they should be available sometime in the near future. 

How long does it take?
Typically between 3-5 working days. There could be some Internet downtime, but it’s usually limited to a couple of hours. 

How much does it usually cost?
Generally speaking (and all contractual agreements aside) it’s either ‘free’ or between $25 – $40 depending on special offers etc… However if you take into consideration the costs involved with changing Providers without using a Rapid Transfer, it could save you hundreds of $$. 

What should I be weary of?
The amount of a Rapid Transfer fee may depend on current specials, offers, deals or the contract length you take with your new intended Provider. Some offer a flat rate regardless of the contract length while others, for example, may charge $0 for a 24mth contract or reduced fee for 12mth contract etc…
*Please Note* Even though a new Provider may take care of everything during the Rapid Transfer process, it still may be wise to contact your old Provider after the process has taken place to confirm cancellation.
If you want to know more, check out this TIO link.

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